The Best Shampoo Eliminates Bad Hair days!

Unique and wonderful hair. You comb it, you brush it, you spike it, you gel it – or you just let it do its own thing! You sleep with it, you run with it; you bring it to work or school with you.

A constant companion throughout all those good and bad hair days!

Our Power Stick shampoos for men can maximize both your good hair days AND the money left in your pocket. Buy our shampoos – because they are the best – and enjoy the savings – because they are among the least expensive hair products available. We always felt we didn’t need to advertise with a big billboard you might see as you drive on the highway – that’s too distracting – and it costs lots of money. So do fancy magazine ads and TV commercials, especially the ones with athletes paid big bucks to say they endorse a product. They all create noise, noise and more noise in your already maxed out life!

So we choose to low-key it with you. Get the message out in other ways. A great product sparks conversation, and conversation makes a buzz happen and becomes a spontaneous combustion of shared information – in person, on the smart phone, over social media. You are our word of mouth, and that somewhat genius marketing plan saves us lots of advertising money – which we are more than happy to give right back to you every time you go to the cash register, or online check-out, as you purchase the best shampoo available for men.

The Best Smelling Shampoo with a Manly Edge

Mild & extreme scents. Power Stick has unique air flavors that are just right for you. Reflect your mood with a variety of options – because every day is often different. Empower your personality, command that presence, and most of all never ever have to say that you’re having a bad hair day!

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