Deodorant Body Sprays

Four canisters of Power Stick body sprays in their different scents, including: Ignition, Cool Blast, and Intensity

Deodorant Body Spray for a Man’s Day & Night

Every day is a new day, morning, afternoon, evening and night. You wake up and interact with the world. Working on your laptop from home with your favorite cat at your feet, or commuting in a crowed, hot subway car on the way to a nerve-wracking presentation in front of a team of people – every moment of the week is different!

The spectacular new body sprays from Power Stick will give you the continuity you need throughout your entire week. Energize and revive your skin when the alarm throws you out of the covers. Meet the scent of the city or the breeze of the country with the powerful unique essence of you – along with a little help from Power Stick. An edgy variety, with a flavor choice for everyone, is injected into our body sprays for men.

Simple. Powerful. Easy.

The Best Body Sprays Come Value Priced

The search for the best body sprays is over. Power Stick is exactly what you have been looking for.

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It’s a new day. Let your life become a fragrant sensation that sizzles in the sunlight, and lights up the night!

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