Body Wash and Shower Gel

Four bottles of Power Stick shower gel body wash in different scents, including: Gravity and Ignition

The New Alternative to Traditional Bar Soap

Remember that bar of soap sitting on the edge of your shower? Hopefully it melted away and is gone forever! Welcome to a new day. Shower gel and body wash are liquid soaps for your body. Packaged in their own beautiful and convenient containers. They are so easy to dispense, easy to wash, and quick to rinse.

More than just a stay-at-home personal care product, shower gels and body washes are also designed for the person on the go. Travel is no problem. Don’t get stuck having to use the small bars of mystery motel soap, because these easy to bring bath items fit right in with your shampoo, shaving cream and other pack-able health and beauty products.

Best Bath & Body Products for Men

Different scents, fragrances & styles for different people. You are one of a kind and can’t be mistaken for someone else! That’s why we have created a large variety of Power Stick shower products are all ready to go back to your house.

Intensity & Cool Blast, Gravity & Hurricane – and then look out, here comes Screem!

Power Stick – The New Value Sensation

Sometimes it’s true that spin off products are not as good as the expensive name brands. Power Stick is a different brand in a different world. We are a name brand you know. We are driven to make the absolute best men’s shower gel and body wash, and we are determined to have our customers buy it for less money than all other competitive brands.

Just like our edgy scents become part of you, we know your loyalty will as well. Your word of mouth and social media reviews and testimonials can get the news out to everyone in your own network, and that is the way we diminish our advertising budget – and pass the savings directly back to you!

Stay Clean & Smell Great

Stay clean and smell great. Feel good head to toe. Power Stick – the best shower gel and body wash for men.

Make the world a powerful fragrance sensation one wash at a time!

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