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3 Extreme Athletes to Watch For at The 2014 Winter X Games

The next couple of weeks look to be really awesome for all you winter sports fans out there. With both the 2014 Sochi Olympics and the X Games Aspen set to kick off, there will be a ton of boarding, skiing, skating and snowmobiling to watch on TV.

We’re especially excited for The Fourteenth Annual Winter X Games starting in Aspen, Colorado at the end of January.  The four day long competition features sixteen different events across three categories (snowmobiling, skiing and snowboarding) with over a hundred athletes participating. If you can’t figure out who to root for, don’t sweat it! We put together a quick list of our favorite 2014 Winter X Games athletes you need to look out for:

Snowboard SuperPipe All-Star: Scotty Lago

Image of winter x-games all start scotty lago

Photo: X-Games Athlete Profile

26 year old Scotty Lago is both an Olympic medalist and an X Game medalist. In 2004, Scotty took home the bronze medal as part of the U.S. Olympic snowboarding team along with Shaun White, Greg Bretz and Louie Vito. When he’s not boarding or training, Lago enjoys to hunt and fish as well as work with young snowboarders at High Cascade Snowboard Camp in Mt. Hood, Oregon.

Name:  Scotty Lago [@scottylago]
Nickname: “Gunslinger”
Age: 26
Hometown:  Seabrook, NH
Event: Men’s Snowboard SuperPipe

Power Stick Freshness Score: 4 out of 5 


Check out his run at the 2013 Winter X Games Silver Snowboard SuperPipe:

Ski SuperPipe All-Star: Maddie Brown

Headshot of Winter x-games all-star Maddie Bowman

Photo: X-Games Athlete Profile

This up and comer has been killing it since 2012. She earned a surprising SuperPipe silver at Winter X Aspen and finally earned her first gold last year. A recent graduate at South Lake Tahoe High School, Maddie is a proud new member of the US Freeskiing team.

Name:  Maddie Bowman [@maddiebowman]
Nickname: “Maddie B”
Age: 19
Hometown:  South Lake Tahoe, CA
Event:  Women’s Ski SuperPipe

Power Stick Freshness Score: 3.5 out of 5


Check her out at the 2013 Winter X Games Gold Medal Run Ski Superpipe Run:

Snowmobile All-Star: Levi Lavallee

Headshot of winter x-games all-star Levi Lavallee

Photo: X-Games Athlete Profile

Levi is the only person in history to attempt a double backflip in any competition on a snowmobile, nearly landing one in the 2009 Winter X Games. Levi has won 8 X Games medals in total and received 2008’s Athlete of Winter X. No one in history has medaled in 4 events at one games and no male has medaled in 3 at one. Levi could be the first.

Name:  Levi Lavallee [@Levi_LaVallee]
Nickname: “Launchin’ Levi”
Age: 31
Hometown:  Longville, MN
Event: Snowmobile Freestyle

Power Stick Freshness Score: 3 out of 5


Check him out at the 2013 Winter X Games Gold Medal Run:

Winter X-Games Fun Facts:

We had some fun with math and came up with these fun facts about Power Stick deodorant usage and the X-games:

  • If you combined the prize winning of the X-Games for the 1st ($50,000), 2nd ($20,000) and 3rd ($12,000) place winners you can buy $82,000 sticks of deodorant!
  • With an average lifespan of 79 years and lifetime deodorant usage at 272 sticks, this would be 302 lifetimes worth of Power Stick! That is 27,333 years worth of Power Stick!!
  • The average attendance of X-games from the past two years was 111,100 people, so everyone in attendance could get 1.4 sticks of Power Stick!

We are so excited to watch these 3 extreme athletes. Who are your favorite athletes set to participate in the 2014 Winter X-Games?

**Disclaimer: Freshness Score was calculated by the sweat rate of the athletes based on their height, weight, average water consumption and assumed 60-minute workout. We do not sponsor or have any other affliation with the X-games or the atheletes in this article.
This is just for fun! 🙂