Fresh Fun

Extreme Snowboarding Gear for Staying Fresh on the Slopes

It’s winter time, which is the season for one of our favorite extreme sports: snowboarding. Looking and feeling fresh on the slopes is half the fun of this sport and many of you may be due for some fresh gear. So you can start saving up now, or ask your parents for Christmas! They can check out to see the best stuff to get you! Here are some of our favorites from 2013 and upcoming releases for 2014:

Grenade Gloves Snowboarding Gear

Being a New Jersey company ourselves, we have to give some love to snowboarding company, Grenade, who started up from Vernon, New Jersey locals Matt and Danny Kass. Their gear is sick for on and off the slopes. Hats, gloves, jackets, and hoodies are just a small portion of their specialties, and their products are made to last season after season. We highly suggest Grenade’s gloves. Their designs are edgy and really cool, as you can see in the image below. You can see why these gloves are called ‘Bones’ – now available on their website. Plus, nothing says ‘stay fresh’ like dry hands at the end of a long day of shredding snow.

A pair of Grenade Gloves 2014 lines of gloves, called bones, black with skeleton hand bones

The Must Have Snowboard of 2014

Every year, it seems like they come up with better shredding snowboards. And obviously you really can’t go wrong with some of the bigger brands, like Burton, Salomon, K2, Ride, etc. But this year, the 2014 GNU Street Series really caught our eye. Their reputation may have been achieved through coating their snowboards with something like peel ply to help achieve the shape as well as being lightweight enough to travel down the mountains with a top speed. GNU is owned by Mervin manufacturing and was created in the early 1980’s. GNU promises, “Higher ollies, deeper presses, in and out of kinky situations.” These boards are really top notch and the real cherry on this snowboarding cup cake is this awesome design. Talk about fresh!

Image of the GNU 2014 street series snowboard, front and back

Anti-Fogging Snowboarding Goggles

Most riders tend to go with the cheapest snowboarding goggles you can buy, but when it comes to vision on the slopes, you have got to be sure they won’t be fogging up. Otherwise, next thing you know, you didn’t see that kicker and you just ended up upside-down on the sidelines with the pine trees. This pair of Oakley Splice snow goggles is absolutely no joke. We’re taking serious anti-fogging technology. They also have a pressure-eliminating frame that rests on your face ever-so-gently. So that you can concentrate on what’s important!

Image of the 2014 edition of Oakley Splice snow goggles, colored purple and orange

Match the Oakley goggles, with the GNU snowboard and Grenade gloves and you will be seriously looking fresh on the mountain. And while we’re talking about ‘freshness’, don’t stink up the lodge in between your sweet jumps and tricks. Look fresh with this gear, and smell fresh with Power Stick deodorant. A special trick is to spray some of our body spray in your helmet! Since, quality snowboarding gear can be a pretty expensive, it’s a good thing you can save money and get the quality with Power Stick. Happy Shredding, everyone!