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Enter Power Stick’s “Power Sticking” Online Video Contest, win $1000!

Win $1000 in the Power Sticking Funny Video Contest

Do you enjoy creating videos? Want to win $1,000? Enter Power Stick’s “What is Power Sticking?” online video contest with a $1,000 grand prize! Send us a video submission showing us what is “Power sticking”. Get creative, make it fun, and keep it clean! This is about personal hygiene, right?

This is a total win-win situation for both of us. You get to have fun creating a “Power Sticking” video and a chance to win $1,000. We get our fans to come up with creative content for our products. Here at A.P. Deauville, we would rather charge our customers for the product itself, not for expensive advertising.

From “extreme ironing” to “planking” and recently the “Harlem Shake”, we’ve seen fun and crazy ideas on the internet come and go. Now it’s your turn to lead the next internet video sensation by “Power Sticking” your way to the $1,000 grand prize! We’d love to see what you come up with!

How to Enter Your Video Submission

Power Stick is your stage! Check out our contest rules, put on your thinking caps, brainstorm with your friends, and come up with an amazing idea for what “Power Sticking” is. Shoot your video within 2 minutes in length and submit it on our Power Stick Facebook page before the June 17th deadline. Make sure you tell all your friends to vote for it. Get the most votes, and the money is yours!

Where do you do your “Power Sticking”? Need some ideas? Check out this video for inspiration. This isn’t quite as challenging as power sticking to a rock climbing wall, but you get the idea.

SUBMIT Your Video Here: http://on.fb.me/12PayVM