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Power Stick Has Long Lasting Sport Protection

Power Stick Intensity Body Spray has long lasting protection

I recently had the good fortune to make my last ski trip of the season in a place called Telluride. Named because it’s the end of the road…”To Hell You Ride”. Of course there is no better testing ground for new fragrances of our products than high altitude sweat.  Our Intensity Body Spray really held up.  Even underneath some of the odor retaining layers that most outdoor active types wear, the fragrance held on.

Power Stick Products Are Made to Last

But the real discovery is that when the helmut started to get a little ripe after a few days of heavy spring skiing sweat, a nice spray of our Intensity Body Spray did the trick!  So what is “Powersticking“? When the stuff you spray in the am is still going strong in the PM.

Keep this in mind as the weather gets warmer and your armpits get sweater. You might not find us on Men’s Health best sport deodorant list, but the fact is: our products are made to last. So if you find yourself sweating through your high priced $4 deodorant- its time to switch to Power Stick!