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Power Sticking Video Craze

Power Sticking video contest, armpit applying Power Stick deodorantAt A.P. Deauville, our focus and mission is to provide great products, while still keeping your money in your pocket.  So when we decided to up-the-ante on our marketing efforts, we didn’t want to spend millions of dollars on billboards, TV commercials or any other forms of gimmicky advertising. Instead, we chose to give the voice to our fans in our “What is Power Sticking?” video contest.

This is mutually beneficial on a number of levels. For one we save money, which saves you money. Who do you think pays for brands’ expensive advertising campaigns? The consumers = You. This is why our competitor’s products are $4 and ours is only $1. They don’t have any extra, fancy ingredients that make it work better; in fact, all deodorants are FDA regulated. The product is more expensive because they are compensating for their advertising budgets.

Most of all, we are excited about this video contest simply because it gives us a chance to hear from our fans! We want to hear from the people who help keep this company running so smoothly and who enjoy the products we work so hard to make. Beyond that, we want to give you a chance to lead the next video craze!

Your Power Sticking Video Submission

We’ve seen the planking, and the harlem shaking, and the list goes on and on. Those are over and done with and the whole world is just waiting and watching for the next big thing, and that could be you! Consider Power Stick your stage and submit your video to the “What is Power Sticking” video contest. Get your friends to vote for you submission and before you know it the whole world will be watching. Best of all, we’ll give you $1,000 if you win. Does it get any better than that?

If you need a little inspiration, watch this video made by our very own Buddy Powers.

Got an idea? Submit it here! >> http://on.fb.me/12PayVM