Can Antiperspirant Help You Be A Better Liar?

Anti-Perspirant at Your Fingertips

Gloves keep them warm in cold weather.

You have to dip their unique patterns in ink if you ever need to get fingerprinted.

On occasions it is satisfying to get your fingertips all muddy with dirt or sand.

But have any of you ever coated the tips of your fingers with antiperspirant?

A man in the background and a polygraph lie detector in the foregroun

Guilty or Innocent…

It is not an everyday occurrence to take a lie detector test, but hey – sometimes you just have to prove your innocence (or guilt)!

Remember all the movies and TV shows that have the scene where a person is all hooked up to sensors and electrodes and is methodically asked a series of questions by a very serious looking official? Many of those old-time polygraph instruments are still in use today. They used ink and a moving wand to record bodily reactions that help determine lies and truth. Today, there is a modern option – equally as accurate as the old fashioned instrument – but brought up to computer world standards. The sensors are all attached to a laptop through the USB port and software takes the place of the mechanical machine of yesteryear. The evaluation of the test, however, is still in the hands of the skilled examiner who administers it. This old-age technique probably isn’t continued in the industry nowadays – but hey, it’s all good fun right? The likes of are probably used when a lie detector is needed for a more reliable result!

Trick or (perhaps) Jail?

So here’s where we come in. We are not saying that you should do or even attempt this – but if you were to Goggle ways to ‘trick’ a polygraph test – one thing people try to apparently do is to coat their fingertips with an antiperspirant! There are sensors that go on the fingers and measure the amount of perspiration in response to the pertinent questions in relation to the insignificant questions asked during the course of the lie detector test. Application of a heavy coating of antiperspiration will possibly keep that sweat from triggering the sensors when they ask you if YOU were the one running out of the bank with that $1,000,000 in cash.

We Stand by OUR Product!

If you gave US a polygraph test, we would NOT BE LYING if we stated that PowerStick is the absolute BEST antiperspirant available anywhere! So, obviously if we had to recommend which antiperspirant to coat your fingers with before your pending polygraph test – we would definitively recommend PowerStick!

Which one you ask? We think you should pick from the following names and find the one that sounds most appropriate for your charged crime and/or personality issues at the time of the polygraph testing:

  • Intensity
  • Hurricane
  • Cool Mist
  • Gravity
  • Ignition

And for all you women on the other side of law enforcement, we have the extremely innocent sounding:

  • Nectarine White Ginger
  • Citrus Sage
  • Cucumber Green Tea
  • Pomegranate Lemon Verbena

Who would think that someone whose fingers radiated the beautiful scent of Cucumbers, Ginger or Green Tea would be capable of anything worse than perhaps double parking outside a boutique on a sunny spring afternoon?

(As long as the ‘Intensity’ of your partner in crime was not recorded on multiple surveillance cameras as he hopped in the getaway car and your, ‘Pomegranate Lemon’ scented fingers fired up the ‘Ignition’!!)

So Use PowerStick at YOUR Own Risk

We of course do not condone any bad societal behavior, and do believe the honesty is always the best policy. Additionally, data shows that a skilled administer of the polygraph, as well as the software used today, will most likely see through and identify any trickery going on by the person hooked up to the machine. They know the ‘tricks’ too.

So assuming that you are like most other people, and will never have the opportunity to actually take a polygraph test – we still think that you will feel and smell great using PowerStick. And if you (for ANY) sane or crazy reason wish to limit your perspiration – though we never actually tested it – we are confident that PowerStick will work equally as well on your fingertips (or any other body part) as it does on your underarms!

Whatever you do – DON’T sweat about it!!