Deodorant Antiperspirant For Men

Five sticks of deodorant in the different scents of Power Stick, including: Intensity, CoolBlast Xtreme, Ignition, SCREEM Cool Essence of Red, Hurricane, Gravity.

Best Deodorant & Antiperspirant for Men

Sometimes when you buy the best of something, you have to pay the most. The best car costs more than the old clunker. A slice and a coke at the local mall food court is not as expensive as the best fancy steak dinner. The best vacation is always pricier than staying overnight on your Mom’s couch. Almost always one thing is true – you get what you pay for.

But what about the best antiperspirant or deodorant for men?

We see brands advertised during commercials on the Super Bowl, in ads in our favorite magazine, and endorsed by celebrities up on ginormous billboards – and all those ads are extremely expensive! And not just to the company – that big advertising budget is paid for by the consumer, because the cost is woven into the product purchase price. Thousands of dollars per second, per square inch, or per yard. If you buy those brands, it’s YOUR MONEY contributing to those Super Bowl ads!

Power Stick Men’s Men’s Deodorant Stick & Antiperspirant

We’re different! We think you are too! Do you think a little bit outside the box whenever you can? We do! Don’t want to always play the consumer game? We don’t! Would you prefer some change back every time you break that five, ten or twenty dollar bill? Of course – because you can spend it on something else you want, or need, or must have.

Power Stick gives you a no-brainer choice. Get a better men’s deodorant or antiperspirant -and pay less! A lot less. And smell as good as you always did – only better!

Our Power Stick Advertising is YOU!

You buy it. You like it. You tell your friends. Your friends tell their friends. Your girlfriend tells her friends. They all buy some and smell fantastic and as a result, that helps them make more friends who tell their friends – and so on and so on – until:

Everyone Becomes an Overnight Olfactory Sensation!

…and the whole world is a better place! All because just one time this month, you finally discover a way to get something of value for your hard earned money. Something that is actually worth MORE than you pay for it. With Power Stick, you can get the best product for the cheapest price!

So buy the best men’s deodorant & antiperspirant. AP Deauville’s Power Stick  makes a big time variety with a flavor for everybody.  Let the secret out and impact the whole world’s aroma!

Intensity, CoolBlast Xtreme, Ignition, SCREEM Cool Essence of Red, Hurricane, Gravity. All different fragrances for all different men. The power of Power Stick.

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